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Repair and modification
of dentures

Denture repair

If your prosthesis is damaged, it’s very important not to try to repair it yourself. You could make it irreparable. It is best to consult a denturist, who has the appropriate materials to repair it. For example, instead of using (toxic) glue, he’ll use an acrylic specially designed for prostheses.

We carry out repairs on site within about 1 hour.

4 important things to know :

  • A repaired prosthesis will remain more fragile;
  • Porcelain teeth are more brittle than acrylic teeth;
  • Acrylic becomes more fragile with age;
  • The repair of a partial or complete prosthesis is not guaranteed.

Adding structure to a partial denture

Following the extraction of one or more teeth, it is possible to refit your existing partial denture, whether made of metal or acrylic. We can add a tooth and/or a clasp to your denture. This work can be done before extraction if planned, or after the healing period, i.e. 1 to 2 weeks after tooth loss. The work is carried out on site in our laboratory, and takes a few hours to complete.

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